Described as “the pathway to actively combat global hunger, climate change, and to enhance our health and well-being,” the President of ASERCOM showcased the opportunities within the sector.

Milan, 27 February 2024 – In conjunction with the activities of the Salone dello Studente, an event organised by the Class Editori group covering the entire Italian territory and devoted entirely to post-diploma academic and professional guidance, Marco Masini, President of ASERCOM (the European Association of Refrigeration Component Manufacturers) and manager of CSIM, a leading consultancy in the field, unveiled the career prospects in the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump industry during the digital event “The Pathways of Professions”.

More than 3,000 students participated online in a virtual orientation space designed to allow young people to explore, free of charge, their post-secondary options: studies, work, and training. The primary target audience for this initiative consists of upper secondary schools across three regions, which together produce over 50,000 graduates annually. “Our sector has always been in need of new, skilled, and competent talent across various fields,” states Marco Masini. “The widespread and significant role of refrigeration technology in the decarbonisation of our economy, amidst a period of significant changes and new technical challenges, plays a vital role in supporting the European transition towards sustainability.”

During the webinar, the ASERCOM President highlighted the applications and benefits of refrigeration technology, which extend from the preservation of cultural materials to the medical sector, from nutrition to well-being, thereby continually presenting new opportunities for young individuals keen on entering professions relevant to the industry. Masini reminisced, “It began as a niche sector but has experienced decades of steady and uninterrupted growth, paralleling social development. Even today, refrigerators and air conditioners symbolise a certain level of well-being, aligning with the availability of food and healthcare services, for instance.”

The “Pathways of Professions” project, which addresses issues such as transferable skills, orientation towards making choices, the environment, and inclusion, aims to guide young people towards their future and assist them in making informed decisions. This presentation was seamlessly integrated into the project. CAMPUS, a part of the Class Editori Group, has been a leader in the educational sector for over thirty years and provides a suite of events and services for young people active in the field of orientation and post-graduation choices. Since 1990, it has hosted the Student Salons, events that over 33 years have assisted approximately 6 million secondary school students in deciding their futures. ASERCOM is an association comprised of companies that manufacture all the components fundamental to refrigeration applications, thus encountering every opportunity (and challenge). This enables the identification of the necessary professional skills, which range from technical-scientific specialisations (STEM) to IT, from bureaucratic-regulatory to commercial.

“Offering this presentation, as ASERCOM, was undoubtedly a pleasure, providing students with opportunities for reflection to enable them to discover a technical and industrial reality of significant importance to modern society, which is often overlooked when choosing a field of study,” concludes President Marco Masini.