Condensing Unit Certification (CUC) – FAQ

ASERCOM, the Association of European Refrigeration Component Manufacturers, is the platform for dealing with scientific and technical topics and their challenges. Our aim is to promote standards for performance rating, methods of testing and product safety. We focus on improved environmental protection, supporting the HVAC & R industry and its customers.

One of the strengths of ASERCOM is the cross-company cooperation of the member companies’ delegates and the resultant knowledge transfer. In five different areas of activities ASERCOM is dealing with the following key topics: certifications, standards, technologies, policies and regulations, and communications.

The Ecodesign regulation EU 2015/1095 sets Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) for condensing units with regard to ecodesign requirements for professional refrigerated storage cabinets, blast cabinets, condensing units and process chillers. In order to prove the efficacy of a certain refrigeration component, a manufacturer should be able to provide proof that these requirements are met. The ASERCOM certification programme proves that the MEPS are met.

ASERCOM checks and evaluates the unit components and the calculated data in cooperation with the manufacturers. All relevant performance data of the condensing unit is calculated from this input.

The ASERCOM certification committee decides on the plausibility of submitted data sets and assigns the certification. In addition, about 20 percent of the units are tested by independent test institutes. Participating units receive the ASERCOM certification programme label.

The manufacturers within the HVAC & R industry see a need for a harmonised European database to ensure that the end-users and installers/contractors receive the correct, accurate, and updated product data. This is where ASERCOM comes into play. ASERCOM delivers a dedicated online database, which is presenting compressor and condensing unit product data of manufacturers within a standardised framework according to the latest EN 12900 and EN 13215. The certification programme allows potential customers to select products with certified performance and supports market transparency and level playing field.

ASERCOM offers a public access to product passport for market surveillance authorities by supporting mandatory publication of product information requirements and showing compliance with Europiean Ecodesign regulation.

Participants gain insights into condensing unit testing and design considerations related to components and refrigerants. Harmonized test procedure (certification process is well defined and supervised by a notified body) and declaration of performance for condensing units are according to the latest EN 13215 standard.

The greatest benefit is the state of the art ASERCOM condensing unit certification software, which is only available for participants.

The certification software includes a database that stores the raw performance data from the components, to allow easy access and use for the participants. ASERCOM maintains a refrigerant property database to avoid deviations in performance calculation due to different refrigerant manufacturers’ data. It assists participants design engineering by allowing to pair and calculate different condenser designs, fans, compressors, and new refrigerants. The certification software also generates performance data for documentation and catalogues, allows the plausibility check of existing condensing unit performance data and prepares data for the certification process.

The data uploaded to the ASERCOM certification software for plausibility check and publication via Website is fully owned and controlled by the condensing unit manufacturer and ASERCOM’s Senior Delegate.

Here is an example to illustrate: A manufacturer can decide to provide data for plausibility check or publication by himself. No competitor has access to those data. The only one to handle or check the specific data is the independent ASERCOM Senior Delegate.

Yes, many performance data generated through the ASERCOM Compressor Certified Performance programmes are also of relevance for Condensing Unit certification and software. Accordingly, the publically available data of ASERCOM Certified Performance will be published on the ASERCOM Website, offering an additional benefit for certification participants.

Participating units receive the ASERCOM certification programme label offering an additional added value for the manufactures advertisement.

The condensing unit certification programme is being supported by the knowledge of independent test institutes such as TÜV SÜD and IPU (one of the leading providers of state-of-the-art software).

The actual data base offers currently over 6.200 condensing units. The condensing unit database contains all products divided into three categories:

   “Listed”: the product has been submitted from manufactures to ASERCOM,

   “Checked”: adherence to the Ecodesign regulation’s EU 2015/1095 Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) has been checked by ASERCOM,

   “Certified”: the unit has been certified by the ASERCOM certification committee after lab testing.

The database offers specific search functionality for customers to look for different brands, the right cooling capacity and refrigerant.

To participate to the ASERCOM Condensing Unit Certification Committee, following fees will be charged:

ASERCOM Certification Fees for Condensing Units (since 2019)
Certification Fee 5.000,00 €
  •  Work by independent body: Lab audits
  •  Participation in CUC Committee (voting rights, improvement proposals, …)
Software Fee 5.000,00 €

10.000,00 €

  • Access to ASEVALCU evaluation software

  • First time access to ASEVALCU evaluation software
    (only for new participants to the programme)
Checking Fee (“checked” status) 15,00 €
  • Submission fee per unit and per refrigerant
  • Check unit performance data completeness and conformity to MEPS
  • Check availability of eco-design
  • Listing on ASERCOM website
  • Market surveillance
CU Certification Fee 300,00 €
  • CUC plausibility check
  • Independent data handling cost
  • Performance measurement of few selected units