Expertise through longstanding work in component manufacturing and a good eye for the changing needs of globalised markets are ASERCOM‘s competencies. The specialised committees of ASERCOM endeavor to create beneficial certification programs for members and all industry partners.

The introduction of ASERCOM Condensing Units Certification enhances all market participants to accomplish subjected EU regulatory requirements. The certification scheme is carefully devised and open to all producers of condensing units. ASERCOM is also the driving force in the certification of compressor performance. The certification process and the shared objective of minimum efficiency levels leads the HVAC/R industries to a future of ambitious goals and requirements.

By issuing these certifications, ASERCOM is able to set new technical standards for refrigeration compressors and condensing units. Main focus points are safety regulations, environmental protection, and serving the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and its customers.

For the industry

  • The ASERCOM certification programme label shows your potential customer the transparency of your business

  • By indicating the quality and technical requirements of your manufactured components, you can ensure product safety, environment protection and the performance of your products

  • Details of components such as models, rating conditions and voltage or frequency are listed and can be looked up and compared in order to guarantee customer satisfaction

For contractors

  • ASERCOM ensures the safety of your refrigeration systems by showing compliance with the European Ecodesign regulation

  • Compressors and condensing units are analysed objectively by a neutral organisation in order to deduce the exact performance parameters of refrigerant components

  • By analysing refrigeration components and their viability, ASERCOM provides a list of selected products generated to fit your specific needs and set you to a new technical standard