Condensing Unit Certification Programme

Unique, transparent and reliable: ASERCOM’s certification programme for condensing units is the viable response to ensure legal compliance at outstanding cost/benefit ratio. It is the answer to the Ecodesign condensing unit regulation and open to everyone.

Many components, many manufacturers, a few challenges and one solution

A condensing unit contains numerous components which influence the system’s energy efficiency. These include, amongst others, the compressor, the condenser and the fan. There are many manufacturers for each of these components throughout Europe, and these manufacturers measure and calculate the performance parameters of their components with reference to divergent standards. This means that they are not objectively comparable, which makes it difficult for customers (wholesalers, OEMs, contractors) to select optimal components and implement legislative requirements. To counter this heterogeneous landscape, ASERCOM has developed a unique programme for condensing units.

Standardized, Voluntary and Autonomous: the Certification Process

The certification process is initiated via ASERCOM‘s own software. The software uses the performance data of the individual components. The main components are the compressor, the condenser block and the fan unit. The raw performance data is received from the component manufacturer.

The Way it Works

ASERCOM checks and evaluates the components and the calculated data in cooperation with the manufacturers. All relevant performance data of the condensing unit is calculated from this input. The certification committee decides on the plausibility of the submitted data sets and assigns the certifications. In addition, about 20 percent of the units are tested by independent test institutes. Then participating units receive the ASERCOM certification programme label.

Condensing Unit Certification Benefits

  • Public access to product passport for market surveillance authorities: supports mandatory publication of product information requirements and shows compliance with European Ecodesign regulation.
  • The certification programme allows potential customers to select products with certified performance and supports market transparency and level playing field.
  • Harmonized test procedure (certification process is well defined and supervised by a certain notified body) and declaration of performance for condensing units are according to the latest EN13215 standard.
  • Participants gain insights into condensing unit testing and design considerations related to components and refrigerants.

For a comprehensive overview of the ASERCOM Condensing Unit Certification Programme please download our official flyer for either manufacturers, assemblers and distributors or commercial customers:

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