The ASERCOM Convention 2024, held on February 2nd in Brussels, has marked a significant milestone in the journey towards a sustainable future in refrigeration and air conditioning. With an assembly of approximately 80 stakeholders from industry, associations, policy-making, and end-users, the convention fostered a collaborative atmosphere to address the urgent environmental challenges facing our industry today.

The event kicked off with a congenial cocktail reception followed by a dinner, setting the stage for a day filled with insightful discussions and presentations. The agenda was meticulously curated to highlight transformative strategies for sustainability in the refrigeration industry, featuring keynote speeches from distinguished speakers, including Marco Durán from the UN Environment Programme.

A focal point of the convention was the transition to sustainable refrigeration practices in A5 countries, alongside the significant impact of EU policies on the industry. Marco Durán’s expertise shed light on aligning industry practices with policy developments, a critical step for future progress. The convention also spotlighted the EU F-gas regulation and its role in reducing global emissions, with insights from AHRI President Steven Yurek.

ASERCOM, the Association of European Refrigeration Component Manufacturers, took this opportunity to showcase the fruits of collaborative efforts within working groups focused on communication, F-Gas, PFAS, and other vital aspects of HVAC&R. The convention emphasised the importance of industry and EU administrators coming together to navigate the rapidly evolving environmental and regulatory landscape.

The ASERCOM certification programme for condensing units was another highlight, presented as a beacon for the industry to follow towards developing Ecodesign-ready equipment. ASERCOM President Marco Masini lauded the programme’s robustness and its pivotal role in implementing Ecodesign regulation effectively.

We are thrilled to announce that recordings of all presentations and slides from the speakers are now available for free access on our website. This initiative aims to extend the reach of the invaluable insights shared at the convention, ensuring that the broader community can benefit from the collective knowledge and experiences discussed.