Highlights: 10th IIR conference ON COMPRESSORS

Online from Slovakia 13th January 2021

88 registrations, max 219 attendees on one session (including not registered participants) and 800 views.

Peter Tomlein, Conference Secretary

Since 1995 already 10 conferences on compressors were held in Slovakia. Slovakia has started compressor´s production in the year 1949. Production started in companies Maneta and Calex. Later came companies Samsung, Danfoss, and at present time companies Secop Compressors and Embraco Nidec. Slovakia is one of the biggest compressor’s producers all over the world with nearly two compressors per capita per year.

The 10th IIR conference on Compressors and Refrigerants aims to be a meeting place for the specialists from the west and east with the goal of looking at the future through the choppy sea of information and new results in science, research, and production.

Choice of six papers recommended for publishing in IJR

  • Cesar Deschamps etal, Numerical Analysis of The Transient Compressible Fluid Flow in The Piston-Cylinder Clearance of An Oil-Free Linear Compressor
  • Admund Ervik etal, Modelling the Dynamics of Ring Plate Valves In Reciprocating Compressors Using Coupled CFD-Fem Simulations
  • Jan Bossányi etal, Liquid Slugging In Reciprocating Compressor
  • Stephan Göbel etal, Evaluating of Refrigerants Using A Dynamic Reciprocating Compressor Model
  • Jose Miguel Corberan etal, Characterization Methodology for Vapor Injection Scroll Compressors of Variable Speed
  • Paolo Martins etal, Compressor Muffler Design Considering Fluid-Structure Interaction


Father of Steam and Gas Turbines

Designer of the w/w Thermal Pump in 1928 in Zurich

Granted to most active authors during Conference History for the conference support with highest number of papers and for following the legacy of Prof. Aurel Stodola in the education of young scientists:

  • Didier Coulomb, Director of IIR: For the Support of Conference on Compressors and Refrigerants
  • Dáriusz Butrymowicz, Professor TU Bialystok, present conference president
  • Armin Hafner, Professor NTNU Trondheim, next conference president

Thanks to sponsors

Finally, great thank to our platin sponsor company Secop, gold sponsor company Embraco Nidec, and silver sponsor company Daikin. Thanks to our sponsors for support of our conference.

Conference video, abstract and paper proceedings

You can still register or upgrade your registration in case you would like to have access to abstract, paper proceedings or video to see it from conference lobby. All reviewed papers have a DOI and will be available in the IIR FRIDOC database shortly.