As the first point of contact for all matters related to condensing units, ASERCOM closely accompanies regulation. Several Ecodesign Regulations are currently being evaluated in some areas and in order to prepare for a potential revision. On the one hand, this affects some regulations under the responsibility of DG ENERGY. On the other hand, industry is urgently called for rapid feedback on the Ecodesign Regulation on Professional Refrigeration, covered by DG GROW (formerly DG ENTR). Deadline is 13 February 2022.

A brief overview:

In the area of DG ENERGY, 5 lots are relevant for the industry, which are currently being evaluated or where a revision is already underway. The most important ones are ENER Lots 1 (space heaters) and 2 (water heaters), which are about to start the Call for Evidence. ENER Lot 10, which concerns air-to-air heat pumps, is also about to start the Call for Evidence. A Consultation Forum for Lot 10 is planned for the second quarter of 2022.

ENER Lot 11 covers fans and circulators, which are then used in HVAC&R products and equipment, which might then have consequences for HVAC&R manufacturers as they might have to adapt these items within their supply chain if more demanding minimum efficiency performance standards should be set. Here, too, the Interservice Consultation is due at the beginning of this year.

No consultancy has yet been selected for the revision of ENER Lot 21. This will affect the entire industry, as all types of compressors are used in the large chillers. ASERCOM is continuously monitoring the process of the revision.

ENTR Lot 1: Urgent need for action

In the area of DG GROW, the former DG ENTR, ENTR Lot 1 on Professional Refrigeration is currently due for review. And there is an urgent need for action here for all companies that manufacture the corresponding products: The deadline for feedback from the industry to the consultant is 13 February 2022. This involves products such as professional refrigerated storage cabinets, blast cabinets, condensing units and process chillers. The second interim report, which will be based on feedback from the industry, has already been announced for April 2022. Consultations (Consultation Forum) will then begin in the second and third quarters of 2022.

Condensing Units

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ASERCOM already started to discuss the further changes with the consultant. The 10% bonus for lower than 150 GWP refrigerants is also questioned. In general, it appears feasible to stop the bonus, – with the exception of condensing units with low temperature applications in the range of 2-20 kw.

Based on the ASERCOM-certified condensing units, it emerges that this is difficult in precisely the 2-20 kw range, because a large number of condensing units would not be allowed to be placed on the market anymore. The consultant referred to the ASERCOM data in his analysis and presented it at a stakeholder meeting in mid-January. (See page 96, here)

New energy label for b2b products?

There is also a proposal to introduce a new energy label for condensing units. These labelling schemes with a classification from A to G should give the buyer of such a unit simple information about the energy efficiency. There has already been clear criticism of this proposal from the industry. What works for consumer products makes no sense here, since condensing units are bought and installed by experts who analyse and evaluate extensive performance data and data on energy efficiency, as well as technical suitability for the intended installation and related cost.

In addition, the limit values of the performance classes cannot be implemented in practice, as the brackets are smaller than the measurement tolerances.

Process Chillers

The draft preliminary report proposes new minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for process chillers.

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Process chiller consultant René Kemna (VHK) stated in the stakeholder meeting that without input from industry on the proposed MEPS for chillers – these MEPS will become reality!

Act now: Deadline is 13 February!

The HVAC&R industry is therefore requested to provide qualified feedback on the above-mentioned proposals to the appointed consultants by 13 February 2022. All information and contact details can be found on the website set up for this purpose: