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Lesson learnt: AHRI policy symposium

Mai 17th, 2023|

 THE ROLE OF MEDIA IN POLICY MAKING In a trouble walking towards the next president election on 2024, AHRI put on the table that touchy theme to understand how to get to the most interesting results for the industry out of [...]

ASERCOM provides technical expertise to EU MEPs

März 21st, 2023|

Together with Eurovent and EPEE, the voice of the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump industry in Europe, ASERCOM, the European Association of Component Manufacturers for the HVAC&R Industry, has issued an agreed position on the phase down of F-gases in refrigerants. "ASERCOM is the technical [...]

ASERCOMs Market Insights

2202, 2022

Italy towards a more sustainable refrigeration?

Februar 22nd, 2022|

Italy is a bit of an outlier regarding greenhouse gas emissions in the European landscape. In contrast to the other Member States, while emissions are generally decreasing, those caused by fluorinated gases do increase – according to the Italian Greenhouse Gas Inventory [...]

1709, 2021

ASSOFRIGORISTI: conscious protagonists of change

September 17th, 2021|

An Interview with Marco Oldrati, new Director of Operations of the Italian association Assofrigoristi In June, following the resignations of Gianluca Degiovanni as President and Marco Masini as Chief Operating Officer of Assofrigoristi, the Association elected its new management team: Fabio Brondolin [...]

207, 2021

Germany is a pioneer in the fight against Europe-wide refrigerant smuggling

Juli 2nd, 2021|

The amendment of the German Chemicals Act represents an important step in the fight against illegal trade in hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in Europe. The amendment to the German Chemicals Act, which comes applies on 1 August 2021, now gives the supervisory authorities extensive [...]

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