Lord Kelvin was born 197 years ago: June 26th. Okay, that’s not news yet. But 26 June is World Refrigeration Day. This day is the focus of the global campaign of the HVAC&R industry. Der World Refrigeration Day focuses attention on the significant role that the industry and its technology play in modern life and society. It draws attention to wonderful engineering and science that is all around us every day. Refrigeration is at the very heart of modern life. It enables people to live, travel and work comfortably. It saves lives. It enables people to achieve.

This year, the focus is on the Cooling Champions. Under the title “Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World”, the industry is providing information worldwide about the diverse career opportunities.

The goal of the campaign is to inspire students and young professionals – for both men and women – in all countries, encouraging them to meet the challenges faced in their communities.

Refrigeration is at the very heart of modern life. More than 15 million people are employed worldwide in the refrigeration sector. The total number of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat-pump systems in operation worldwide is around 5 billion. Those systems provide the conditions we require for health, comfort, worker productivity, manufacturing, and essential environments for food, pharmaceuticals, and digital data. Dedicated professionals design, build, maintain, and regulate them as well as educate a new generation of practitioners.

Many ASERCOM members support this initiative.

All info here: https://worldrefrigerationday.org/