ASERCOM General Assembly 2020

The F-gas and ecodesign regulations force a change in the refrigeration industry

This year’s ASERCOM Annual General Meeting was held under the motto "Time for Changes”

For this year’s Annual General Meeting of ASERCOM, nearly 80 participants met in Brussels on 23 and 24 January 2020. The necessary changes in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry resulting from the F-Gas and Ecodesign Regulations were the central topic of the days.

ASERCOM, the association of European manufacturers of components for refrigeration and air conditioning, once again invited its members to the annual general meeting in Brussels this year. Just as the intensive exchange in the working groups, the Board meeting and the General Assembly were held under the overarching theme "Time for Changes".

The central topic of the two days was the transformation of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, triggered primarily by the F-Gas Regulation. The main focus of the association's general meeting was closely linked to this complex subject area. The discussions therefore focused on compliance with and the consequences of the F-Gas Regulation, the new stage of the Ecodesign Regulation 2015/1095 for condensing units and process chiller. On the other hand, the upcoming EU Cybersecurity Act, which could potentially have a major impact on the HVAC & R industry, was discussed in detail.

"Time for Changes” is now and today. It is time for important changes and setting the course for the future. We as ASERCOM do not only want to accompany this era, but to actively shape it, explains ASERCOM President Wolfgang Zaremski.

Furthermore, the ASERCOM working groups drew a conclusion from their work of the past year and gave an outlook on planned work topics. The proven expert talk at the end of the event once again provided an opportunity to discuss the previously touched upon topics such as refrigerant availability, natural refrigerants, but also the issue of shortage of specialists.